"Sure Steps Nursery - Supporting Parents, Nurturing Children since 2005"

Here at Sure Steps we take pride in our parent partnerships. We think it is essential for staff to work closely with our parents and engage with one another on a regular basis. Alongside the parent partner days, whereby parents come and engage with their child during activities in nursery, we also hold parent social events, which our parents are invited to, to make and share memories with their children.

Our parent socials enable the staff and parents to get to know each other on a more personal level, outside of working hours. We have found these events have an extremely positive impact on the building of relationships between our staff members and our parents.

We always provide our staff and parents with delicious homemade food at our social events and there are plenty of different drink choices available also! So, come along and get to know our staff better whilst enjoying a tipple of your choice and a fantastic quiz with prizes such as Free Childcare Vouchers to be won!